Monday, November 26, 2018

Teacher Only Day with Anaru Morgan T4, 2018


We all arrived by waka - Paikea
Raglan - arrived by manu - Whaingaroa
1930's ships came to Aotearoa

Whakapapa - what is my connection to NZ?

Don't call stories myths and legends - call them korero uku iho - because they are stories that have truth in them.

What am I doing to acknowledge everybody's whakapapa? Whakapaka celebration day??

Whakarongo mai - listen to me
Whakarongo atu - I am listening

MAC - Maori Achievement Collaborative
At the Gate ... 
If I stand at the school gate and look in...
Where do I see myself?
Where do I hear myself?
Where do I feel myself?
Do they know me? Ko wai au?
IS this my place? Do I belong here?
Where do I come from?
What is special about story..
Is this a place to feel safe?
Can I stand here?

Particularly pertinent for Maori tamariki/whanau, but also important for all. What can we do about this??

Teacher Only Day slides from Anaru

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bruce Moody 3 - 29th August 2018

Name this shape
first photo
second photo
branding - we have branded particular shapes with particular appearances - plastic shapes

It’s an octogon because it has 8 straight sides with 8 sharp corners - closed
Aspaniel is a dog it doesn’t mean that aevery dog is a spaniel - comparing it to a standard octogon shape

Year 2’s know they have to count the number of sides and sharp corners

A square is a rectangle - right angles

Level 3 (don’t require them to use a protractor
Compass Points - 8 compass points rather than 4 compass directions - they’re related to turns 

360 degrees full turn / circle - we can turn more than 360

Geo  - The earth

Metry - Measurement

1/4 turn = right angle = 1/4 of 360 degrees
                                   = 90 degrees
north to east is 90degrees as it's a quarter turn 

north east is half way in between = 45degrees - introduce compass points as NE, SE and name them as angles - tie it in with stuff kids already know set angles and rotating angles - static and dynamic angles.

Circle - 
take a piece of string and make a circle - they think a circle should look like X - a shape
to a maths person a circle is the rotating distance from a centre
one kid holds string and goes around in a circle - the string is modelling the radius of the circle.
the most important part of the circle is the part you can't see - the middle of the circle

Photo of measuring a circle 
how will we know when we've found the diameter of this circle. Many circles do not have a centre so we need to have a way of finding this. 
Finding it is fun - put string on the side and spin it around until you find the longest part - that's the middle / diameter.

Nets of cubes - standard net
Year 4 if kids are on track with number
Make it solve a problem or be involved in something.
see photo - can you make a cube from this?
On a dice, find the pattern of the number - opposite faces always add to 7 - where do you put the numbers on a net to make sure it makes a cube / dice

Use it in a way to make a literacy activity / operetta cube - on x side where will the information be - writing right way up etc.

Cuboid or box shape - we have extra elements of complication - successful if drawn out then fold to try out what works and what doesn't work.

Use photos of rolled nets - 
A process to follow to work out nets - roll and draw - DO IT don't just imagine it. How many ways can you create a net from the same shape - more than one possible net to draw a cuboid.
Kids reject the variance if they only use a standard net 

Use different sized boxes as well because kids need to work out the gluing flaps
roll and draw first find variances
then undo a box - more areas because of the overlapping and fold overs.

Chn need to engage in looking at maps - even if it's a fake place.
Things to watch out for .... point versus zone
zone is simple maps
points is algebra

Primary Direction
East is the primary direction point - east (sunrise) is our definer - you can always see the sun.
North means to the left of east - north star to navigate at night
Te ra whiti - east 



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bruce Moody - Measurement PL - 30th May, 2018

Why are children struggling with measurement??

They don't understand the attribute they're measuring and how to measure it.

Wood versus snake - kids measured as both the same because they don't have an undertanding of length so used a ruler to show both things were the same length.

Understanding of length coloured what perimeter of a shape is - eg: a circle

A perimeter is a length which is measure in a particular way.

Measurement isn't in isolation of number etc. Measurement and number so overlap. We shouldn't silo too much

Weight - chn need to understand what the attribute is. Cannot understand if they don't feel what weight is. Bigger downs't mean heavier. Establish why we weigh things. We put things in chns hands but we need to give them why we have measuring and systems. connecting blocks weigh a gram each
Kids aren't measuring anymore they're just doing calculations. (Level 3 - number under the guise of measurement.
Used a fish measure to show a 'pinky pull' which can then be used for statistical purposes.

Perimeter - we say 'around the outside' when we measure perimeter is a length - metres/cm etc.
Area is measured in squares - cannot do it with a ruler - use a ruler to generate what the squares will be - this is a different matter
Capacity is measured in litres.

Time - is difficult for chn to measure - we only measure the passing of time - teach kids the way to say time in a digital way. 24 hour day. Will like an analogue asthetically but won't read it this way.
7.35 - 7x5=35  (not twenty five to eight).
3.40 - 8x5=40

History - Hour - minute is the small of the hour - second is the minute made smaller.

Duration of time = 1:50 but will take something 70mins - kids have to understand the time as 60 not 100 for going through the 10.


Static and dynamic measurement?? Changing a rubber band from one size to another -
get kids to measure things like - corrugated iron - how long within the frame? how long when measuring the whole thing / lenth

Chn must measure area in squares

6cm x 4cm = 24 sq.m NOT 24cm

One of the best ways to teach decimals is with measurement - what's the biggest number? 1.5 or 1.25

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lou Dempsey & Sheena Cameron

Supporting students to edit their writing:

Workshop about Chapter 6 - Editing

Feedback - stars and wishes
1. I know what I'm learning and why - What do we want our students to know about reviewing writing?
Highlight different sentence starters in reading (if sentence starting is the focus)

2. I can find examples in my writing

3. I can improve my writing

4. I can talk about my successes and my next steps

5. I write carefully - checking as I go

6. I can self check my writing and fix up some mistakes - only 4 or 3 words fix up ssome mistakes but not all of them.

7. I feel like an author and want to share my writing - Do I make time and model editing, do I celebrate it, rejig in head to start valuing the lesson. Share something with somebody most days, a couple of sentences, with a buddy, friend, home etc.

Responding to Writing model - Pg 197 - first respond to the message

Dylan Wiliam - find on Youtube - feedback (self and peer assessment)

Self assessment - activating... check!!

Book Expectations - still important!!

Using google docs to write - learners/teachers can use revision history to see their editing choices.
Draw a stop sign to show you've revised what you've written

Teaching writers editing codes - Pg 196 - google Draft writing Roald Dahl to show that everyone edits!!

Introduce rereading, noticing and fixing up mistakes.

Mini lessons - explicit teaching of recrafting or editing skills - see handout
Playing with sentences and practising recrafting
Super Sentences - Once a week as a warm up
Adverbs can be a great sentence starter

Kids need to see us deleting information we don't need.
One word can make a big difference to take an ordinary piece of writing to a great piece of writing.
Kids who are 'movers' - need a second page for editing/recrafting
One skill a week - see handout

Dangerous journeys to school - from boredpanda
Teaching kids about revising - google it

Check out punctuation blunders for confident writers to enjoy

Make time for proof-reading and re-crafting - lesson wrap up!
Valid to have a whole lesson as re-crafting a single piece of writing - model - write - share together

Incidental teaching can be very powerful eg Mother's Day - kids haven't included the apostrophe - use it as a quick editing moment.

Writing will be memorable if it's visual -
Repeating things in a variety of contexts is really powerful
Be careful about over sharing of criteria - 3 things in 20 minutes of writing is plenty of things to work out.

Check out note taking - important - as it's ideas all bundled into one piece of writing

Project the student's work - show it so it can be viewed by all!!

See handout for further notes

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blogger Life Hacks

How many blog posts are we happy with?

Add parent emails in settings - email for more parent involvement.

Add emails to kids blogs 1 from each student in the team so they receive emails and know that they have to comment on it.

see cutest blog on the block??

check email set up to post straight to blog from phone? joneil5 (???)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Anthony Speranza

T: @anthsperanza

What is a challenge or obstacle in your school community for improved change?

Change needs to be in balance

Implementation and support strategies
KNOW YOUR: Product / People / Process

The Product - GEG , G-suite, certification etc - when new functionality fits

The people
Diffusion of innovation model - see site for image)
Don't expect magic to happen
Be strategic in staff meetings, PLT's and budgets
Invite staff to less formal opps - geek outs
Build expertise in students to assist teachers and learners

If we know what students have to know do and be we will be able to expect that of teachers

How do I influence decisions?? And be more proactive as a leader?
Be present at planning time ....?

Managing complex change - Have 3 priorities - see doc in slides

Fiona Grant & Justine Driver

GEG NZ community